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WORLD CUPS 1950-1998

1950 World Cup
24/06/1950World Cup Group 1Brazil v MexicoArchive footage with pictures12'min7.5Black & white
25/06/1950World Cup Group 1Yugoslavia v Switzerland 3-0Archive footage with pictures4'min7.5Black & white
28/06/1950World Cup Group 1Brazil v Switzerland 2-2Archive footage with pictures9'min7.5Black & white
28/06/1950World Cup Group 1Yugoslavia v Mexico 4-1Archive footage with pictures4'min7.5Black & white
01/07/1950World Cup Group 1Brazil v Yugoslavia 2-0Archive footage with pictures10'min8Black & white
02/07/1950World Cup Group 1Switzerland v Mexico 2-1Archive footage with pictures3'min7Black & white
25/06/1950World Cup Group 2England v Chile 2-0Archive footage with pictures5'min7.5Black & white
25/06/1950World Cup Group 2Spain v USA 3-1Archive footage with pictures7'min8Black & white
29/06/1950World Cup Group 2Spain v Chile 2-0Archive footage with pictures7'min8Black & white
29/06/1950World Cup Group 2England v USA 0-1Archive footage with pictures5'min7Black & white
02/07/1950World Cup Group 2Chile v USA 5-2Archive footage with pictures4'min7Black & white
25/06/1950World Cup Group 3Sweden v Italy 3-2Archive footage with pictures10'min7.5Black & white
29/06/1950World Cup Group 3Sweden v Paraguay 2-2Archive footage with pictures4'min8Black & white
02/07/1950World Cup Group 3Italy v Paraguay 2-0Archive footage with pictures11'min6.5Black & white
02/07/1950World Cup Group 4Uruguay v Bolivia 8-0Archive footage with pictures6'min7Black & white
09/07/1950World Cup Final GroupBrazil v Sweden 7-1Archive footage with pictures14'min8Black & white
09/07/1950World Cup Final GroupUruguay v Spain 2-2Archive footage with pictures9'min7Black & white
13/07/1950World Cup Final GroupBrazil v Spain 6-1Archive footage with pictures10'min7Black & white
13/07/1950World Cup Final GroupUruguay v Sweden 3-2Archive footage with pictures8'min7.5Black & white
16/07/1950World Cup Final GroupSweden v Spain 3-1Archive footage with pictures8'min7.5Black & white
16/07/1950World Cup Final GroupBrazilv Uruguay 1-2Archive footage with pictures50'min7.5Black & white
16/06/1954World Cup Group ABrazil v Brazil 5-0Archive footage with pictures5'min8Black & white
16/06/1954World Cup Group AYugoslavia v France 1-1Archive footage with pictures7'min8Black & white
16/06/1954World Cup Group CAustria v Scotland 1-0Crowd noise only8'min8Black & white
17/06/1954World Cup Group BHungary v South Korea 9-0Archive footage with pictures10'min6.5Black & white
17/06/1954World Cup Group CWest Germany v Turkey 4-1Archive footage with pictures10'min8Black & white
17/06/1954World Cup Group DEngland v Belgium 4-4 aetArchive footage with pictures11'min8.5Black & white
17/06/1954World Cup Group D Switzerland v Italy 2-1Archive footage with pictures11'min8Black & white
19/06/1954World Cup Group ABrazil v Yugoslavia 1-1Archive footage with pictures16'min6 & 8Black & white
19/06/1954World Cup Group AFrance v Mexico 3-2Archive footage with pictures6'min8.5Black & white
19/06/1954World Cup Group CUruguay v Scotland 7-0Archive footage with pictures9'min8.5Black & white
19/06/1954World Cup Group BAustria v Czechoslovakia 5-0Archive footage with pictures6'min8Black & white
20/06/1954World Cup Group BHungary v West Germany 8-3Archive footage with pictures28'min8Black & white
20/06/1954World Cup Group BTurkey v South Korea 7-0Archive footage with pictures3'min8.5Black & white
20/06/1954World Cup Group DEngland v Switzerland 2-0Archive footage with pictures9'min8Black & white
20/06/1954World Cup Group DItaly v Belgium 4-1Archive footage with pictures8'min8.5Black & white
23/06/1954World Cup Group D Play-offSwitzerland v Italy 4-1Archive footage with pictures10'min8.5Black & white
23/06/1954World Cup Group B Play-off West Germany v Turkey 7-2Archive footage with pictures9'min8Black & white
26/06/1954World Cup QFAustria v Switzerland 7-5Archive footage with pictures32'min7Black & white
26/06/1954World Cup QFUruguay v England 4-2Archive footage with pictures13'min8.5Black & white
27/06/1954World Cup QFHungary v Brazil 4-2Archive footage with pictures43'min8Black & white
27/06/1954World Cup QFWest Germany v Yugoslavia 2-0Archive footage with pictures22'min8Black & white
30/06/1954World Cup SFHungary v Uruguay 4-2 aetArchive footage with pictures33'min7.5Black & white, also 60'min & 41'min 6.5
30/06/1954World Cup SFWest Germany v Austria 6-1Archive footage with pictures18'min8.5Blakc & white
03/07/1954World Cup 3rd placeAustria v Uruguay 3-1Archive footage with pictures13'min8Black & white
04/07/1954World Cup FinalWest Germany v Hungary 3-2German85'min8.5Black & white, also 38'min
08/06/1958World Cup Group DUSSR v England 2-2Archive footage & pictures10'min8Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group ANorthern Ireland v Czechoslovakia 1-0Archive footage & pictures6'min8.5Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group AWest Germany v Argentina 3-1Archive footage & pictures18'min8.5Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group BYugoslavia v Scotland 1-1Archive footage & pictures2'min8Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group CHungary v Wales 1-1Archive footage & pictures7'min8Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group BFrance v Paraguay 7-3Archive footage & pictures9'min8Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group CSweden v Mexico 3-0Archive footage & pictures12'min8.5Black & white
08/06/1958World Cup Group DBrazil v Austria 3-0Archive footage & pictures8'min8Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group DUSSR v Austria 2-0Archive footage & pictures4'min7.5Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group A Northern Ireland v Argentina 1-3Archive footage & pictures6'min7Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group AWest Germany v Czechoslovakia 2-2Archive footage & pictures10'min8Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group BParaguay v Scotland 2-2Archive footage & pictures13'min7Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group BYugoslavia v France 3-2Archive footage & pictures15'min7.5Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group CWales v Mexico 1-1Archive footage & pictures4'min8Black & white
11/06/1958World Cup Group DEngland v Brazil 0-0Archive footage & pictures8'min8Black & white
12/06/1958World Cup Group C Sweden v Hungary 2-1Archive footage & pictures16'min8Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group BParaguay v Yugoslavia 3-3Archive footage & pictures7'min8.5Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group BFrance v Scotland 2-1Archive footage & pictures7'min8.5Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group AWest Germany v Northern Ireland 2-2Archive footage & pictures20'min6.5Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group CHungary v Mexico 4-0Archive footage & pictures6'min7Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group DBrazil v USSR 2-0Archive footage & pictures12'min7.5Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group DEngland v Austria 2-2Archive footage & pictures8'min8Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group AArgentina v Czechoslovakia 1-6Archive footage & pictures5'min8Black & white
15/06/1958World Cup Group CSweden v Wales 0-0Archive footage & pictures16'min6Black & white
17/06/1958World Cup Group A Play-offNorthern Ireland v Czechoslovakia 2-1Archive footage & pictures6'min8Black & white
17/06/1958World Cup Group C Play-offWales v Hungary 2-1Archive footage & pictures6'min8Black & white
17/06/1958World Cup Group D Play-offUSSR v England 1-0Russianfull match8Black & white, also 12'min 8.5
19/06/1958World Cup QFSweden v USSR 2-0Russianfull match8Black & white,also 16'min 8
19/06/1958World Cup QFBrazil v Wales 1-0Archive footage & pictures13'min8Black & white
19/06/1958World Cup QFFrance v Northern Ireland 4-0Archive footage & pictures9'min8Black & white
19/06/1958World Cup QFWest Germany v Yugoslavia 1-0Archive footage & pictures10'min8Black & white
24/06/1958World Cup Semi-FinalFrance v Brazil 2-5Russianfull match8Black & white,also 23'min 8
24/06/1958World Cup Semi-FinalSweden-West Germany 3-1Crowd noise onlyfull match6Black & white,also 24'min 7
28/06/1958World Cup 3rd placeFrance v West Germany 3-6Frenchfull match7.5Black & white,also 18'min 7.5
29/06/1958World Cup FinalSweden v Brazil 2-5Swedishfull match8.5Black & white,also Russian 8.5, 17'min 8.5
World CupWorld Cup DrawSwedish18'min8Black & white
World CupHighlights English81'min8.5Black & white
30/05/1962World Cup Group 1Uruguay v Colombia 2-1English/Russian4'min8.5Black & white
30/05/1962World Cup Group 2Chile v Switzerland 3-1English/Russian4'min8.5Black & white
30/05/1962World Cup Group 3Brazil v Mexico 2-0Portuguesefull match6Black & white,also Portuguese 14'min 8
31/05/1962World Cup Group 2West Germany v Italy 0-0German60'min8Black & white
31/05/1962World Cup Group 1USSR v Yugoslavia 2-0English/Russian4'min8.5Black & white
31/05/1962World Cup Group 3 Spain v Czechoslovakia 0-1Spanishfull match7Black & white,also 16'min Spanish 7.5
31/05/1962World Cup Group 4England v Hungary 1-2Russian 5'min8.5Black & white
02/06/1962World Cup Group 1Yugoslavia v Uruguay 3-1English/Russian5'min8.5Black & white
02/06/1962World Cup Group 2Chile v Italy 2-0Italian, espn50'min8.5Black & white,also full match Italian 6.5
02/06/1962World Cup Group 3Brazil v Czechoslovakia 0-0Portuguese22'min6.5Black & white,also 17'min portuguese 8
02/06/1962World Cup Group 4England v Argentina 3-1Russian 3'min7.5Black & white
03/06/1962World Cup Group 3 Spain v Mexico 1-0Spanishfull match6.5Black & white,aslo 16'min Spanish 8.5
03/06/1962World Cup Group 2West Germany v Switzerland 2-1German55'min8.5Black & white,also 14'min German 8.5
03/06/1962World Cup Group 1USSR v Colombia 4-4English/Russian6'min8.5Black & white
06/06/1962World Cup Group 2Chile v West Germany 0-2German65'min8.5Black & white,also 60'min,4'min German 8.5
06/06/1962World Cup Group 3Brazil v Spain 2-1Portuguesefull match8.5Black & white,also 12'min Portuguese 8.5
06/06/1962World Cup Group 3 Spain v Brazil 1-2Spanishfull match8Black & white,also 16'min Spanish 8
06/06/1962World Cup Group 4Hungary v Argentina 0-0Russian3'min8.5Black & white
07/06/1962World Cup Group 2Italy v Switzerland 2-0Italian 2'min7.5Black & white
07/06/1962World Cup Group 3Czechoslovakia v Mexico 1-3Spanishfull match7Black & white
10/06/1962World Cup QFChile v USSR 2-1Russian/English5'min8Black & white
10/06/1962World Cup QFCzechoslovakia v Hungary 1-0German23'min8Black & white,aslo German 8'min
10/06/1962World Cup QFWest Germany v Yugoslavia 0-1German33'min8.5Black & white,also German 8'min
10/06/1962World Cup QFBrazil v England 3-1BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match7Black & white,also english 12'min
13/06/1962World Cup Semi-FinalChile v Brazil 2-4 Crowd noise onlyfull match8.5Black & white,also Russian 8.5 20'min
13/06/1962World Cup Semi-FinalYugoslavia v Czechoslovakia 1-3German35'min8.5Black & white,also Russian 8.5 9'min
16/02/1962World Cup 3rd placeChile v Yugoslavia 1-0Crowd noise onlyfull match8.5Black & white,aslo crowd 8.5 14'min
17/06/1962World Cup FinalBrazil v Czechoslovakia 3-1BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8.5Black & white,also Russian & spanish 7.5
World Cup 1962Match highlightsEnglish 88'min8.5Black & white,also Spanish 88'min 8.5
11/07/1966World Cup Group 1England v Uruguay 0-0BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8.5Black & white, also SPA(Canal+) 8
13/07/1966World Cup Group 1France v Mexico 1-1BBC(David Coleman)full match8Black & white
15/07/1966World Cup Group 1France v Uruguay 1-2BBC(Alan Weeks/Danny Blanchflower)full match8Black & white also ESP(Sportmania) 7
16/07/1966World Cup Group 1England v Mexico 2-0BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8Black & white
19/07/1966World Cup Group 1Uruguay v Mexico 0-0BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8.5Black & white
20/07/1966World Cup Group 1England v France 2-0BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8Black & white
12/07/1966World Cup Group 2West Germany v Switzerland 5-0BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8.5Black & white, audio delay 2nd half, also GER 8
13/07/1966World Cup Group 2Argentina v Spain 2-1BBC(Walley Barnes/Danny Blanchflower)full match8Black & white
15/07/1966World Cup Group 2Spain v Switzerland 2-1BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8Black & white, over Canal+ broadcast
16/07/1966World Cup Group 2West Germany v Argentina 0-0BBC(David Coleman)full match8Black & white
19/07/1966World Cup Group 2Argentina v Switzerland 2-0BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8Black & white
20/07/1966World Cup Group 2West Germany v Spain 2-1BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8Black & white
12/07/1966World Cup Group 3Brazil v Bulgaria 2-0BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8Black & white
13/07/1966World Cup Group 3Portugal v Hungary 3-1BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8Black & white,English audio over Canal+ broadcast
15/07/1966World Cup Group 3Hungary v Brazil 3-1BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8Black & white
16/07/1966World Cup Group 3Portugal v Bulgaria 3-0BBC(Walley Barnes/Tommy Docherty)full match8.5Black & white
19/07/1966World Cup Group 3Brazil v Portugal 1-3BBC(David Coleman)full match8Black & white
20/07/1966World Cup Group 3Hungary v Bulgaria 3-1BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8.5Black & white
12/07/1966World Cup Group 4USSR v North Korea 2-0BBC(Frank Bough/Tommy Docherty)full match8Black & white
13/07/1966World Cup Group 4Italy v Chile 2-0BBC(Frank Bough)full match8Black & white
15/07/1966World Cup Group 4Chile v North Korea 1-1BBC(Frank Bough)full match8Black & white
16/07/1966World Cup Group 4Italy v USSR 0-1BBC(Frank Bough)full match8.5Black & white
19/07/1966World Cup Group 4Italy v North Korea 0-1BBC(Frank Bough)full match8Black & white, also SPA(Canal+) 8
20/07/1966World Cup Group 4USSR v Chile 2-1BBC(Frank Bough)full match8Black & white 2 discs
23/07/1966World Cup Quarter-FinalPortugal v Norther Korea 5-3BBC(David Coleman)full match8Black & white
23/07/1966World Cup Quarter-FinalWest Germany v Uruguay 4-0BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8Black & white,
23/07/1966World Cup Quarter-FinalUSSR v Hungary 2-1BBC(Frank Bough)full match8Black & white, 2 discs
23/07/1966World Cup Quarter-FinalEngland v Argentina 1-0BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8Black & white, espn classic
25/07/1966World Cup Semi-FinalWest Germany v USSR 2-1BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme/Johny Hayes)full match9Black & white, also RUS 8
26/07/1966World Cup Semi-FinalEngland v Portgal 2-1BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8Black & white, also ESP 7.5
28/07/1966World Cup 3rd placePortugal v USSR 2-1BBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8.5Black & white, Fifa archive
30/07/1966World Cup FinalEngland v West Germany 4-2 aetBBC(Kenneth Wolstenholme)full match8.5Black & white
31/05/1970World CupOpening CeremonyITV(Hugh Johns)50'min9
31/05/1970World Cup Group 1Mexico v USSR 0-0ITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match9match only,includes lineups
03/06/1970World Cup Group 1Belgium v El Salvador 3-0ITV(Roger Malone)full match8includes national anthems & lineups
06/06/1970World Cup Group 1USSR v Belgium 4-1ITV(Roger Malone)full match8match only,includes lineups
07/06/1970World Cup Group 1Mexico v El Salvador 4-0ITV(Roger Malone)full match9match only,includes lineups
10/06/1970World Cup Group 1USSR v El Salvador 2-0ITV(Roger Malone)full match8.5includes national anthems & lineups
11/06/1970World Cup Group 1Mexico v Belgium 1-0ITV(Roger Malone)full match8.5match only,includes lineups
02/06/1970World Cup Group 2Uruguay v Isreal 2-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match82 discs,match only
03/06/1970World Cup Group 2Italy v Sweden 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8match only
06/06/1970World Cup Group 2Italy v Uruguay 0-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8match only,includes lineups
07/06/1970World Cup Group 2Isreal v Sweden 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8match only
10/06/1970World Cup Group 2Sweden v Uruguay 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8match only,includes lineups
11/06/1970World Cup Group 2Italy v Isreal 0-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8match only
02/06/1970World Cup Group 3England v Romania 1-0ITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match7.5match only
03/06/1970World Cup Group 3Brazil v Czechoslovakia 4-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match8includes national anthems & lineups
06/06/1970World Cup Group 3Romania v Czechoslovakia 2-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match8.5match only
07/06/1970World Cup Group 3England v Brazil 0-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match9espn classic, also ESP Canal+ 8
10/06/1970World Cup Group 3Brazil v Romania 3-2ITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match8includes national anthems & lineups
11/06/1970World Cup Group 3England v Czechoslovakia 1-0ITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match8.5includes national anthems & lineups
02/06/1970World Cup Group 4Peru v Bulgaria 3-2ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5match only,includes lineups
03/06/1970World Cup Group 4West Germany v Morocco 2-1Germanfull match7.5missing last few minutes
06/06/1970World Cup Group 4Peru v Morocco 3-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5match only
07/06/1970World Cup Group 4West Germany v Bulgaria 5-2ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8match only. eng audio over Canal+ broadcast
10/06/1970World Cup Group 4West Germany v Peru 3-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8includes national anthems & lineups. eng audio over Canal+ broadcast
11/06/1970World Cup Group 4Bulgaria v Morocco 1-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5match only,includes lineups
14/06/1970World Cup Quarter-FinalEngland v West Germany 2-3 aetITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match8.5espn classic, also GER Bild 8
14/06/1970World Cup Quarter-FinalBrazil v Peru 4-2ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5also ESP Canal+ 8,Fifa archive includes national anthems
14/06/1970World Cup Quarter-FinalUSSR v Uruguay 0-1 aetITV(Roger Malone)full match8.5over HTB broadcast,also RUS HTB 8.5
14/06/1970World Cup Quarter-FinalMexico v Italy 1-4Spanish & Germanfull match7.5Canal+
17/06/1970World Cup Semi-FinalBrazil v Uruguay 3-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt/Bobby Moore)full match8.5espn classic + Fifa archive 8
17/06/1970World Cup Semi-FinalItaly v West Germany 4-3 aetITV(Hugh Johns/Billy Wright)full match8.5includes national anthems, Fifa archive 2 discs
19/06/1970World Cup Final PreviewITV(Brian Moore)30'min9Includes studio panel + interviews etc...
20/06/1970World Cup 3rd placeWest Germany v Uruguay 1-0ITV(Hugh Johns/Bobby Moore)full match8
21/06/1970World Cup FinalBrazil v Italy 4-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Bobby Moore)full match8.5espn classic, also ESP Canal+ 8
13/06/1974World CupOpening CeremonyITV(Gerald Sinstadt)60'min9
16/06/1974World Cup SpecialITV(Brian Moore)50'min9studio panel + interviews with Scottish players, + highlights Pol-Arg
20/06/1974World Cup SpecialITV(Brian Moore)22'min9studio panel + interview with Pele
21/06/1974World Cup SpecialITV(Brian Moore)25'min9Studio panel + interviews with Willie Ormond & Alf Ramsey
28/06/1974World Cup SpecialITV(Brian Moore)12'min91st half of show only, studio panel + interview with Helmut Schonn
04/07/1974World Cup SpecialITV(Brian Moore)22'min9Studio panel
06/07/1974Who will win the World Cup FinalITV(Brian Moore)20'min91st half of show only,studio panel + interview with Helmut Schonn
14/06/1974World Cup Group 1East Germany v Australia 2-0ITV(Keith Macklin)full match9match only,also BBC(John Motson) 8
14/06/1974World Cup Group 1West Germany v Chile 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)50'min9brief highlights from 1st half,full 2nd half
18/06/1974World Cup Group 1East Germany v Chile 1-1 ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9match only
18/06/1974World Cup Group 1West Germany v Australia 3-0ITV(Keith Macklin)full match9match only
22/06/1974World Cup Group 1West Germany v East Germany 0-1ITV(Keith Macklin)full match9Includes national anthems.2 discs
22/06/1974World Cup Group 1Australia v Chile 0-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9match only
13/06/1974World Cup Group 2Brazil v Yugoslavia 0-0ITV(Hugh Johns)full match8.5includes national anthems, h/t & f/t ITV studio analysis. also ESP Canal+ 8
14/06/1974World Cup Group 2Scotland v Zaire 2-0ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9includes national anthems, also ESP Canal+ 9
18/06/1974World Cup Group 2Yugoslavia v Zaire 9-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match9match only
18/06/1974World Cup Group 2Brazil v Scotland 0-0ITV(Hugh Johns/Alf Ramsey)full match9match only,espn classic, also ESP Canal+ 9
22/06/1974World Cup Group 2Brazil v Zaire 3-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5match only,also ESP Canal+ 8
22/06/1974World Cup Group 2Scotland v Yugoslavia 1-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match8.5includes pre match analysis. also crowd noise only 8.5
15/06/1974World Cup Group 3Netherlands v Uruguay 2-0BBC(Barry Davies)full match9includes national anthems
15/06/1974World Cup Group 3Sweden v Bulgaria 0-0BBC(Alan Weeks)full match8.5includes national anthems
19/06/1974World Cup Group 3Netherlands v Sweden 0-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5match only,also crowd noise only 8
19/06/1974World Cup Group 3Uruguay v Bulgaria 1-1Crowd noise onlyfull match8.5
23/06/1974World Cup Group 3Netherlands v Bulgaria 4-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5match only,first 30 seconds in spanish
23/06/1974World Cup Group 3Sweden v Uruguay 3-0ITV(Keith Macklin)full match8.5includes national anthems,also crowd noise only 9
15/06/1974World Cup Group 4Italy v Haiti 3-1BBC(David Coleman)full match9match only
15/06/1974World Cup Group 4Poland v Argentina 3-2ITV(Hugh Johns/Alf Ramsey)full match8.5match only
19/06/1974World Cup Group 4Poland v Haiti 7-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9includes national anthems, also crowd noise only 9
19/05/1974World Cup Group 4Argentina v Italy 1-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Alf Ramsey)full match8.5match only, also crowd noise only 9
23/06/1974World Cup Group 4Argentina v Haiti 4-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5match only
23/06/1974World Cup Group 4Poland v Italy 2-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9includes post match ITV studio analysis
26/06/1974World Cup Group ANetherlands v Argentina 4-0ITV(Hugh Johns)full match8.5match only
26/06/1974World Cup Group ABrazil v East Germany 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9includes national anthems
30/06/1974World Cup Group ANetherlands v East Germany 2-0ITV(Hugh Johns/Alf Ramsey)full match9.5Includes national anthems
30/06/1974World Cup Group AArgentina v Brazil 1-2ITV(Keith Macklin)full match9Match only
03/07/1974World Cup Group ABrazil v Netherlands 0-2ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9Includes brief post match analysis with ITV panel.also BBC(Barry Davies) 50'min highlights 9 espn
03/07/1974World Cup Group AArgentina v East Germany 1-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match8.5match only
26/06/1974World Cup Group BSweden v Poland 0-1ITV(Keith Macklin)full match8.5Includes national anthems,slight loss of transmission in 2nd half
26/06/1974World Cup Group BWest Germany v Yugoslavia 2-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match9match only
30/06/1974World Cup Group BYugoslavia v Poland 1-2ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9Match only
30/06/1974World Cup Group BWest Germany v Sweden 4-2ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9also GER Bild 9
03/07/1974World Cup Group BYugoslavia v Sweden 1-2ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5includes national Anthems
03/07/1974World Cup Group BWest Germany v Poland 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9includes national Anthems,also GER & ESP 9
06/07/1974World Cup 3rd placeBrazil v Poland 0-1ITV(John Helm)full match9Match only
07/07/1974World Cup FinalWest Germany v Netherlands 2-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9Includes national anthems & celebrations
1978World CupAction Preview ArgentinaITV(Brian Moore)60'min9includes interviews etc...
01/06/1978World CupOpening CeremonyITV(Gerald SInstadt)50'min9
02/06/1978World Cup Group 1Argentina v Hungary 2-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match9includes national anthems
02/06/1978World Cup Group 1France v Italy 1-2ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5match only
06/06/1978World Cup Group 1Argentina v France 2-1ITV(Gerry Harrison/Jack Charlton)full match8.5match only
06/06/1978World Cup Group 1Italy v Hungary 3-1ITV(Gerry Harrison/Jack Charlton)full match8.5match only
10/06/1978World Cup Group 1Argentina v Italy 0-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5over Canal+ broadcast, Match only
10/06/1978World Cup Group 1France v Hungary 3-1ITV(Gerry HArrison)full match9match only
01/06/1978World Cup Group 2West Germany v Poland 0-0ITV(Gerry Harrison/Jack Charlton)full match9includes national anthems
02/06/1978World Cup Group 2Tunisia v Mexico 3-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5includes national anthems
06/06/1978World Cup Group 2West Germany v Mexico 6-0ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9includes national anthems, also in GER 8.5
06/06/1978World Cup Group 2Poland v Tunisia 1-0ITV(Martin Tyler)full match9includes national anthems, 2 discs
10/06/1978World Cup Group 2Poland v Mexico 3-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5includes national anthems
10/06/1978World Cup Group 2West Germany v Tunisia 0-0BBC(David Coleman)full match8.5includes national anthems
03/06/1978World Cup Group 3Spain v Austria 1-2ITV(Gerald SInstadt)full match9includes national anthems, post match analysis with Kevin Keegan & Pat Crearand
03/06/1978World Cup Group 3Brazil v Sweden 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9includes national anthems
07/06/1978World Cup Group 3Austria v Sweden 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison/Jack Charlton)full match8.5includes full ITV programme,with Andy Gray,Kevin Keegan
07/06/1978World Cup Group 3Brazil v Spain 0-0BBC(David Coleman)full match8.5includes national anthems
11/06/1978World Cup Group 3Spain v Sweden 1-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt/Jack Charlton)full match9includes national anthems
11/06/1978World Cup Group 3Brazil v Austria 1-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9includes national anthems
03/06/1978World Cup Group 4Netherlands v Iran 3-0ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5includes national anthems
03/06/1978World Cup Group 4Scotland v Peru 1-3BBC(David Coleman/Bobby Charlton)full match8also ITV(Arthur Munford) 9 full ITV analysis
07/06/1978World Cup Group 4Scotland v Iran 1-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Ian St John)full match8.5includes post match analysis, with Kevin Keegan,Pat Crerand & Andy Gray
07/06/1978World Cup Group 4Netherlands v Peru 0-0Spanishfull match8
11/06/1978World Cup Group 4Peru v Iran 4-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5includes national anthems
11/06/1978World Cup Group 4Netherlands v Scotland 2-3BBC(David Coleman)full match8.5match only
14/06/1978World Cup Group ANetherlands v Austria 5-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Jack Charlton)full match9includes H/T & F/T analysis with Pat Crerand,Kevin Keegan,Brian Clough
14/06/1978World Cup Group AItaly v West Germany 0-0BBC(John Motson)full match9also ITV(Gerald Sinstadt) 8.5
18/06/1978World Cup Group AItaly v Austria 1-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5includes national anthems
18/06/1978World Cup Group AWest Germany v Netherlands 2-2ITV(Hugh Johns/Jack Charlton)full match9includes national anthems
21/06/1978World Cup Group AWest Germany v Austria 2-3BBC(Barry Davies)full match8.5match only
21/06/1978World Cup Group AItaly v Netherlands 1-2ITV(Gerald Sinstadt/Jack Charlton)full match9includes national anthems
14/06/1978World Cup Group BBrazil v Peru 3-0ITV(Gerry Harrison/Denis Law)full match8.5includes analysis 3,with Kevin Keegan,Brian Clough & Peter Taylor
14/06/1978World Cup Group BArgentina v Poland 2-0ITV(Martin Tyler)full match9also BBC(David Colema) 8.5 over Canal+ broadcast,includes national anthems
18/06/1978World Cup Group BPeru v Poland 0-1ITV(Gerry Harrison/Ian St John)full match9includes national anthems
18/06/1978World Cup Group BArgentina v Brazil 0-0ITV(Martin Tyler)full match9Includes national anthems
21/06/1978World Cup Group BBrazil v Poland 3-1ITV(Hugh Johns/Ian St John)full match8.5includes national anthems
21/06/1978World Cup Group BArgentina v Peru 6-0ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5includes national anthems
24/06/1978World Cup 3rd placeBrazil v Italy 2-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5includes post match analysis with Brian Clogh,Kevin Keegen,Pat Crerand
24/06/1978World CupWho will win the World Cup?ITV(Brian Moore)55'min9includes intervies & analysis
25/06/1978World Cup FinalArgentina v Netherlands 3-1 aetITV(JHugh Johns/Jack Charlton)full match9includes analysis from Cruyff,Keegan & Clough before extra time
1978World CupWorld Cup ReplayBBC240'min8.52 dvd's highlights from the World Cup
1982World CupNew Zealand, Road to the World CupDocumentary50'min8.5
13/06/1982World CupOpening CeremonyCrowd noise only50'min8.5
14/06/1982World Cup Group 1Italy v Poland 0-0ITV(Gerry Harrison/Ian St John)full match8includes national anthems
15/06/1982World Cup Group 1Cameroon v Peru 0-0Germanfull match9over Canal+ broadcast
18/06/1982World Cup Group 1Italy v Peru 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9match only
19/06/1982World Cup Group 1Poland v Cameroon 0-0ITV(Gerry Harrison/Ian St John)full match8match only
22/06/1982World Cup Group 1Poland v Peru 5-1ITV(Gerry Harrison/Ian St John)full match8.5includes national anthems
23/06/1982World Cup Group 1Italy v Cameroon 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5match only
16/06/1982World Cup Group 2West Germany v Algeria 1-2ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9match only,also in GER 8.5
17/06/1982World Cup Group 2Chile v Austria 0-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9includes national anthems
20/06/1982World Cup Group 2West Germany v Chile 4-1ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9includes national anthems,also GER 9
21/06/1982World Cup Group 2Austria v Algeria 2-0ITV(Hugh Johns)full match9match only,some loss of sound
24/06/1982World Cup Group 2Algeria v Chile 3-2ITV(Nick Owen)full match8.5includes national anthems
25/06/1982World Cup Group 2West Germany v Austria 1-01st half ITV(hugh Johns),2nd half Crowd noise onlyfull match8.5includes national anthems
13/06/1982World Cup Group 3Argentina v Belgium 0-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match9includes national anthems
15/06/1982World Cup Group 3Hungary v El Salvador 10-1ITV(Nick Owen)full match8.5includes national anthems
18/06/1982World Cup Group 3Argentna v Hungary 4-1ITV(Nick Owen)full match9includes national anthems
19/06/1982World Cup Group 3Belgium v El Salvador 1-0Portuguesefull match7.5
22/06/1982World Cup Group 3Belgium v Hungary 1-1ITV(Nick Owen)full match9includes national anthems
23/06/1982World Cup Group 3Argentina v El Salvador 2-0ITV(Nick Owen)full match8.5match only
16/06/1982World Cup Group 4England v France 3-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match92 discs,fifa archive, also BBC(John Motson) 8
17/06/1982World Cup Group 4Czechoslovakia v Kuwait 1-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5
20/06/1982World Cup Group 4England v Czechoslovakia 2-0ITV(Martin Tyler/Jack Charlton)full match9includes national anthems
21/06/1982World Cup Group 4France v Kuwait 4-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match9
24/06/1982World Cup Group 4France v Czechoslovakia 1-1ITV(Martin Tyler)full match9
25/06/1982World Cup Group 4England v Kuwait 1-0ITV(Martin Tyler/Jack Charlton)full match9
16/06/1982World Cup Group 5Spain v Honduras 1-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5
17/06/1982World Cup Group 5Yugoslavia v Northern Ireland 0-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5
20/06/1982World Cup Group 5Spain v Yugoslavia 2-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match92 discs, fifa archive, includes national anthems
21/06/1982World Cup Group 5Honduras v Northern Ireland 1-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5match only
24/06/1982World Cup Group 5Yugoslavia v Honduras 1-0ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8match only
25/06/1982World Cup Group 5Spain v Northern Ireland 0-1BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match9Includes H/T & F/T analysis...also ITV 9 espn classic
14/06/1982World Cup Group 6Brazil v USSR 2-1BBC(Barry Davies/Bobby Charlton)full match8.5Includes H/T analysis, over Canal+ picture,also ITV(John Helm) 9
15/06/1982World Cup Group 6Scotland v New Zeland 5-2ITV(John Helm/Denis Law)full match8.5includes national anthems
18/06/1982World Cup Group 6Brazil v Scotland 4-1BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5over Canal+ broadcast, also ITV(Peter Brackley) 9
19/06/1982World Cup Group 6USSR v New Zeland 3-0BBC(John Motson)full match8includes F/T analysis
22/06/1982World Cup Group 6Scotland v USSR 2-2ITV(John Helm)full match8.5
23/06/1982World Cup Group 6Brazil v New Zeland 4-0ITV(John Helm/Denis Law)full match8.5includes national anthems
28/06/1982World Cup Group APoland v Belgium 3-0ITV(Gerry Harrison/Ian St John)full match8.5
01/07/1982World Cup Group ABelgium v USSR 0-1ITV(John Helm)full match92 discs,fifa archive
04/07/1982World Cup Group AUSSR v Poland 0-0ITV(John Helm)full match9includes national anthems
29/06/1982World Cup Group BWest Germany v England 0-0BBC(John Motson)full match8.5includes analysis...also ITV(Martin Tyler) 8.5
02/07/1982World Cup Group BSpain v West Germany 1-2ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5includes national anthems
05/07/1982World Cup Group BSpain v England 0-0ITV(Martin Tyler/Jack Charlton)full match8.5includes national anthems
29/06/1982World Cup Group CArgentina v Italy 1-2ITV(John Helm/Denis Law)full match8.52 discs, match only
02/07/1982World Cup Group CArgentina v Brazil 1-3ITV(John Helm/Denis Law)full match9match only
05/07/1982World Cup Group CItaly v Brazil 3-2BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5match only, also ITV(Martin Tyler) 9 espn classic
28/06/1982World Cup Group DAustria v France 0-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match8.5
01/07/1982World Cup Group DAustria v Northern Ireland 2-2ITV(Gerald Sinstadt/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes national anthems
04/07/1982World Cup Group DNorthern Ireland v France 1-4ITV(Gerald Sinstadt/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes national anthems
08/07/1982World Cup Semi-FinalItaly v Poland 2-0BBC(John Motson)full match8.52 discs...also ITV(John Helm) 8
08/07/1982World Cup Semi-FinalWest Germany v France 3-3 aet penBBC(Barry Davies/Bobby Charlton)full match8.5match only
10/07/1982World Cup 3rd placePoland v France 3-2ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9match only
11/07/1982World Cup FinalWest Germany v Italy 1-3BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.52 discs,includes analysis...also ITV(Martin Tyler) 9
1986World CupCanada road to the World Cup58'min8.5
1986World CupWorld Cup PreviewITV50'min8including panel interviews
31/05/1986World Cup Group AItaly v Bulgaria 1-1BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match8.5Includes H/T analysis
01/06/1986World Cup Group CFrance v Canada 1-0BBC(Barry Davies/Bobby Charlton)full match8.5includes analysis
01/06/1986World Cup Group DBrazil v Spain 1-0ITV(Brian Moore/Brian Clough)full match8match only
02/06/1986World Cup Group AArgentina v South Korea 3-1BBC(Barry Davies)full match8.51st half RTE commentary,2nd half BBC
02/06/1986World Cup Group CUSSR v Hungary 6-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5match only,Fifa Archive,slight video interference on 1st half transmission
02/06/1986World Cup Group FMorocco v Poland 0-0ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8match only
03/06/1986World Cup Group BMexico v Belgium 2-1ITVGerry Harrison)full match8.5match only
03/06/1986World Cup Group DNorthern Ireland v Algeria 1-1ITV(Peter Brackley/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5match only
03/06/1986World Cup Group EWest Germany v Uruguay 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9
03/06/1986World Cup Group FEngland v Portugal 0-1BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8includes analysis
04/06/1986World Cup Group BParaguay v Iraq 1-0Germanfull match8.5Slight interference on broadcast in 2nd half due to thunderstorm
04/06/1986World Cup Group EDenmark v Scotland 1-0ITV(John Helm/Billy McNeill)full match8.5match only
04/06/1986World Cup Group CHungary v Canada 2-0SBS(Canadian Com)full match9
05/06/1986World Cup Group AArgentina v Italy 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5match only
05/06/1986World Cup Group CFrance v USSR 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5ITV audio over HTB broadcast, 2 discs
06/06/1986World Cup Group DBrazil v Algeria 1-0ITV(Peter Brackley)full match9match only
06/06/1986World Cup Group FEngland v Morocco 0-0ITV(Martin Tyler/David Pleat)full match9match only
07/06/1986Word Cup Group BMexico v Paraguay 1-1ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5match only
07/06/1986World Cup Group DSpain v Northern Ireland 2-1ITV(Peter Brackley/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5match only, Eng audio over Canal+ broadcast
07/06/1986World Cup Group FPoland v Portugal 1-0BBC(Barry Davies/Bobby Charlton)full match8.5includes analysis
08/06/1986World Cup Group BBelgium v Iraq 2-1Germanfull match8.5includes national anthems
08/06/1986World Cup Group EScotland v West Germany 1-2BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5Includes analysis, also ITV(John Helm) espn classic 9
08/06/1986World Cup Group EUruguay v Denmark 1-6ITV(John Helm/Billy McNeill)full match9includes analysis
09/06/1986World Cup Group CFrance v Hungary 3-0ITV(Peter Bracley/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5Fifa Archive
09/06/1986World Cup Group CUSSR v Canada 2-0ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match8.5match only
10/06/1986World Cup Group AItaly v South Korea 3-2ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5match only
10/06/1986World Cup Group AArgentina v Bulgaria 2-0ITV(John Helm)full match9includes national anthems
11/06/1986World Cup Group BBelgium v Paraguay 2-2ITV(John Helm)full match8.5match only
11/06/1986World Cup Group BMexico v Iraq 1-0ITV(Peter Brackley)full match9match only
11/06/1986World Cup Group FMorocco v Portugal 3-1Crowd noise onlyfull match8.5match only
11/06/1986World Cup Group FEngland v Poland 3-0BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8includes analysis, also ITV(Martin Tyler) espn classic 8.5
12/06/1986World Cup Group DBrazil v Northern Ireland 3-0BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8includes analysis,also ITV(Peter Brackley) 8.5 Fifa Archive
13/06/1986World Cup Group EWest Germany v Denmark 0-2ITV(Gerry Harrison)full match9match only
13/06/1986World Cup Group EScotland v Uruguay 0-0ITV(John Helm/Billy McNeill)full match8.5includes analysis
15/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundMexico v Bulgaria 2-0BBC(Barry Davies/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5match only
15/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundUSSR v Belgium 4-3 aetITV(Gery Harrison/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes analysis
16/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundBrazil v Poland 4-0ITV(Peter Brackley/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes analysis, audio over Canal+ broadcast
16/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundArgentina v Uruguay 1-0BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5match only
17/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundItaly v France 0-2ITV(John Helm/Billy McNeill)full match8.5
17/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundWest Germany v Morocco 1-0BBC(Barry Davies/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5match only
18/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundEngland v Paraguay 3-0BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5includes analysis, also ITV(Martin Tyler) espn classic 9
18/06/1986World Cup 2nd RoundSpain v Denmark 5-1BBC(Barry Davies/Trevor Brooking)full match8.5includes analysis
21/06/1986World Cup Quarter FinalBrazil v France 1-1 aet penBBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.52 discs,match only
21/06/1986World Cup Quarter FinalMexico v West Germany 0-0 aet penITV(Gerry Harrison/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes analysis
22/06/1986World Cup Quarter FinalArgentina v England 2-1BBC(Barry Davies/jimmy Hill)full match8.5includes analysis,also ITV(Martin Tyler/David Pleat) espn classic 9
22/06/1986World Cup Quarter FinalBelgium v Spain 1-1 aet penITV(Gerry Harrison/Ron Atkinson)full match8.52 discs, includes analysis
25/06/1986World Cup Semi-FinalWest Germany v France 0-2ITV(Martin Tyler)full match8.5match only
25/06/1986World Cup Semi-FinalArgentina v Belgium 2-0BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5includes analysis
28/06/1986World Cup 3rd placeFrance v Belgium 4-2 aetITV(Peter Brackley)full match8.5slight video interference in Extra Time
29/06/1986World Cup FinalArgentina v West Germany 3-2 BBC(John Motson/Jimmy Hill)full match8.5includes analysis,aslo ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson) espn classic 9
1986World CupWorld Cup ReplayBBC Choice180'min8
1990World CupWorld Cup ReplayBBC Choice180'min82 discs
1990World CupOne night in Turin(Documentary)90'min8.5
08/06/1990World Cup Group BArgentina v Cameroon 0-1ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes analysis
09/06/1990World Cup Group AItaly v Austria 1-0ITV(Brian Moore)full match8.5includes analysis
09/06/1990World Cup Group BUSSR v Romania 0-2BBC(John Motson/Bobby Charlton)full match8.5match only
09/06/1990World Cup Group DUAE v Colombia 0-2Eurosport(Paul Dempsey)full match8match only
10/06/1990World Cup Group ACzechoslovakia v USA 5-1ITV(Alan Parry)full match8.5match only
10/06/1990World Cup Group CBrazil v Sweden 2-1ITV(John Helm-Billy McNeill)full match9also BBC 8(with analysis)
10/06/1990World Cup Group DWest Germany v Yugoslavia 4-1ITV(John Helm)full match9match only
11/06/1990World Cup Group CScotland v Costa Rica 0-1ITV(Alan Parry)full match8.5match only
12/06/1990World Cup Group EBelgium v South Korrea 2-0ITV(John Helm/Trevor Francis)full match8.5match only
12/06/1990World Cup Group FEngland v Ireland 1-1ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match9espn classic, match only
12/06/1990World Cup Group FNetherlands v Egypt 1-1BBC(Barry Davies/Liam Brady)full match8includes analysis
13/06/1990World Cup Group BArgentina v USSR 2-0ITV(Alan Parry/Ian St John)full match8.5match only
13/06/1990World Cup Group ESpain v Uruguay 0-0BBC(John Motson)full match8includes analysis
14/06/1990World Cup Group AItaly v USA 1-0ITV(Alan Parry/Trevor Francis)full match8.5match only
14/06/1990World Cup Group BCameroon v Romania 2-1ITV(John Helm/Ian St John)full match8.5includes analysis
14/06/1990World Cup Group DYugoslavia v Colombia 1-0Eurosport(Paul Dempsey/David Pleat)full match9match only
15/06/1990World Cup Group AAustria v Czechoslovakia 0-1Eurosport(Ian Darke)full match8includes national anthems
15/06/1990World Cup Group DWest Germany v UAE 5-1ITV(Brian Moore)full match8.5match only
15/06/1990World Cup Group CSweden v Scotland 1-2ITV(John Helm/Trevor Francis)full match92 discs, espn classic, match only
16/06/1990World Cup Group CBrazil v Costa Rica 1-0Eurosport(Ian Darke)full match8.5match only
16/06/1990World Cup Group FNetherlands v England 0-0ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5espn classic, also BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking) 8
17/06/1990World Cup Group FIreland v Egypt 0-0ITV(Brain Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes analysis
17/06/1990World Cup Group ESpain v South Korea 3-1ITV(Gerald Sinstadt)full match7match only
17/06/1990World Cup Group EBelgium v Uruguay 3-1Eurosport(Paul Dempsey)full match8.5match only
18/06/1990World Cup Group BArgentina v Romania 1-1BBC(John Motson/Bobby Charlton)full match8.5includes analysis
18/06/1990World Cup Group BUSSR v Cameroon 0-4ITV(Alan Parry)full match8.5match only
19/06/1990World Cup Group AAustria v USA 2-1Eurosport(Paul Dempsey)full match8includes national anthems
19/06/1990World Cup Group AItaly v Czechoslovakia 2-0ITV(Alan Parry/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5match only
19/06/1990World Cup Group DYugoslavia v UAE 4-1Eurosport(Paul Dempsey/David Pleat)full match8includes national anthems
19/06/1990World Cup Group DWest Germany v Colombia 1-1ITV(Peter Brackley)full match8.5includes national anthems
20/06/1990World Cup Group CSweden v Costa Rica 1-2ITV(John Helm/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5includes national anthems
20/06/1990World Cup Group CBrazil v Scotland 1-0ITV(Brian Moore)full match8.5match only
21/06/1990World Cup Group ESpain v Belgium 2-1ITV(Alan Parry/Ian St John)full match8.5Includes analysis
21/06/1990World Cup Group EUruguay v South Korea 1-0Eurosport(Paul Dempsey/David Pleat)full match7.5match only
21/06/1990World Cup Group FEngland v Egypt 1-0ITV(Brian Moore/Trevor Francis)full match9espn classic
21/06/1990World Cup Group FNetherlands v Ireland 1-1ITV(Peter Brackley)full match8.5match only, 2 discs
23/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundCameroon v Colombia 2-1 aetITV(John Helm/Billy McNeill)full match8.5match only, 2 discs
23/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundCzechoslovakia v Costa Rica 4-1BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match8.5includes analysis
24/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundBrazil v Argentina 0-1BBC(Barry Davies/Liam Brady)full match8.5includes analysis
24/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundWest Germany v Netherlands 2-1ITV(Brian Moore/Trevor Francis)full match8.5match only
25/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundIreland v Romania 0-0 aet penITV(Alan Parry/Ron Atkinson)full match8.52 discs
25/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundItaly v Uruguay 2-0ITV(John Helm/Trevor Francis)full match8.5match only,slight video interference during the 1st half
26/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundSpain v Yugoslavia 1-2 aetITV(Peter Brackley)full match92 discs,also BBC(Tony Gubba/Ray Wilkins) includes analysis 8.5
26/06/1990World Cup 2nd RoundEngland v Belgium 1-0 aetITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)100'min8.5match only, also BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking) 8
30/06/1990World Cup Quarter FinalYugoslavia v Argentina 0-0 aet penITV(Peter Brackley/Ron Atkinson)full match9match only
30/06/1990World Cup Quarter FinalItaly v Ireland 1-0BBC(John Motson/Liam Brady)full match8.5includes analysis
01/07/1990World Cup Quarter FinalWest Germany v Czechoslovakia 1-0BBC(Tony Gubba/Ray Wilkins)full match8.5includes analysis
01/07/1990World Cup Quarter FinalEngland v Cameroon 3-2 aetBBC(Barry Davies)full match8.52 discs, match only, audio over HTB broadcast
03/07/1990World Cup Semi-FinalItaly v Argentina 1-1 aet penBBC(Barry Davies/Bobby Charlton)full match8.52 discs
04/07/1990World Cup Semi-FinalWest Germany v England 1-1 aet penBBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match9also ITV(Brian Moore) espn classic 9
07/07/1990World Cup 3rd placeItaly v England 2-1ITV(Alan Parry)full match7.5
08/07/1990World Cup FinalWest Germany v Argentina 1-0BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match9includes celebrations
17/06/1994World Cup Group CGermany v Bolivia 1-0BBC(Barry Davies/Trevor Brooking)full match8
17/06/1994World Cup Group CSouth Korea v Spain 2-2ITV(Alan Parry/Trevor Francis)full match8
18/06/1994World Cup Group AUSA v Switzerland 1-1BBC(John Motson/Chris Waddle)full match8.5
18/06/1994World Cup Group AColombia v Romania 1-3ITV(Peter Brackley)full match9match only
18/06/1994World Cup Group EItaly v Ireland 0-1ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match9espn classic
19/06/1994World Cup Group ENorway v Mexico 1-0Eurosport(Archie McPherson/Ray Clemence)full match8
19/06/1994World Cup Group BCameroon v Sweden 2-2ITV(Clive Tyldesley)full match8
19/06/1994World Cup Group FBelgium v Morocco 1-0Eurosport(David Smith)full match8
20/06/1994World Cup Group BBrazil v Russia 2-0BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match8.5
20/06/1994World Cup Group FNetherlands v Saudi Arabia 2-1ITV(Brain Moore/Trevor Francis)full match8
21/06/1994World Cup Group CGermany v Spain 1-1ITV(Alan Parry/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5
21/06/1994World Cup Group DNigeria v Bulgaria 3-0Eurosport(David Smith)full match8
21/06/1994World Cup Group DArgentina v Greece 4-0Eurosport(Archie McPherson/Ray Clemence)full match8
22/06/1994World Cup Group ASwitzerland v Romania 4-1ITV(Peter Brackley)full match8.5
23/06/1994World Cup Group AUSA v Colombia 2-1ITV(John Helm/Denis Law)full match8.5
23/06/1994World Cup Group CSouth Korea v Bolivia 0-0ITV(Peter Brackley/Trevor Francis)full match8
23/06/1994World Cup Group EItaly v Norway 1-0BBC(John Motson/Liam Brady)full match8
24/06/1994World Cup Group BBrazil v Cameroon 3-0BBC(Barry Davies/Trevor Brooking)full match8
24/06/1994World Cup Group BRussia v Sweden 1-3Peter Brackley/Trevor Francis)full match9match only
24/06/1994World Cup Group EMexico v Ireland 2-1ITV(Brian Moore/ron Atkinson)full match8
25/06/1994World Cup Group DArgentina v Nigeria 2-1BBC(John Motson)full match8
25/06/1994World Cup Group DBulgaria v Greece 4-0Eurosport(Archie McPherson/Ray Clemence)full match8.5match only
25/06/1994World Cup Group FBelgium v Netherlands 1-0ITV(Brain Moore/ron Atkinson)full match8
25/06/1994World Cup Group FSaudi Arabia v Morocco 2-1Eurosport(David Smith)full match8
26/06/1994World Cup Group AUSA v Romania 0-1Eurosport(Angus Loughran)full match8match only
26/06/1994World Cup Group ASwitzerland v Colombia 0-2Eurosport(David Smith)full match8
27/06/1994World Cup Group CSpain v Bolivia 3-1TSN(Peter Brackley)full match8
27/06/1994World Cup Group CGermany v South Korea 3-2Eurosport(Angus Loughran)full match7.5
28/06/1994World Cup Group B Brazil v Sweden 1-1ITV(Brian Moore/Trevor Francis)full match8includes ITV analysis with Ron Greenwood & Ray Wilkins
28/06/1994World Cup Group B Russia v Cameroon 6-1Eurosport(Angus Loughran)full match8missing last 5 mins
28/06/1994World Cup Group ENorway v Ireland 0-0BBC(John Motson/liam Brady)full match8
29/06/1994World Cup Group FNetherlands v Morocco 2-1Eurosport(Angus Loughran)full match8match only
29/06/1994World Cup Group FBelgium v Saudi Arabia 0-1Eurosport(Angus Loughran/Ray Clemence)full match8
30/06/1994World Cup Group DNigeria v Greece 2-0Eurosport(Angus Loughran)full match8
30/06/1994World Cup Group DArgentina v Bulgaria 0-2ESPNfull match8
02/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundGermany v Belgium 3-2TSN(Peter Brackley)full match8.5
02/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundSpain v Switzerland 3-0ITV(John Helm/Ron Atkinson)full match8
03/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundSweden v Saudi Arabia 3-1ITV(Alan Parry)full match8.5
03/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundArgentina v Romania 2-3BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match9
04/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundUSA v Brazil 0-1ITV(Alan Parry/Kevin Keegan)full match8.5
04/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundNetherlands v Ireland 2-0BBC(Barry Davies/Liam Brady)full match8.5match only
05/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundMexico v Bulgaria 1-1 aet penBBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match82 discs, includes full BBC analysis with Alan Hansen & Jimmy Hill
05/07/1994World Cup 2nd RoundItaly v Nigeria 2-1 aetITV(Peter Brackley/Ron Atkinson)full match8
09/07/1994World Cup Quarter FinalItaly v Spain 2-1ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5
09/07/1994World Cup Quarter FinalNetherlands v Brazil 2-3BBC(Barry Davies/Trevor Brooking)full match8.5
10/07/1994World Cup Quarter FinalGermany v Bulgaria 1-2BBC(Barry Davies/Liam Brady)full match8.5match only
10/07/1994World Cup Quarter FinalRomania v Sweden 2-2 aet penITV(Brian Moore/Kevin Keegan)full match8.5includes studio analysis with Ray Wilkins & Jack Charlton
13/07/1994World Cup Semi-FinalSweden v Brazil 0-1ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match8.5
13/07/1994World Cup Semi-FinalItaly v Bulgaria 2-1BBC(John Motson/Trevor Brooking)full match8
16/07/1994World Cup 3rd placeSweden v Bulgaria 4-0Eurosport(Archie McPherson)full match8.5match only
17/07/1994World Cup FinalItaly v Brazil 0-0 aet penBBC(Barry Davies/trevor Brooking)full match92 discs
10/06/1998World Cup Group ABrazil v Scotland 2-1ITV(Clive Tyldesley)full match8.5espn classic
10/06/1998World Cup Group ANorway v Morocco 2-2ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match9full analysis, 2 discs
13/06/1998World Cup Group ABrazil v Morocco 3-0Eurosport(David Smith)full match8.5
World Cup GroupFrance v Denmark 2-1Eurosport(Archie McPherson/Billy McNeill)full match8.5
13/06/1998World Cup Group DSpain v Nigeria 2-3??45'min8.5espn classic
15/06/1998World Cup Group GEngland v Tunisia 2-0ITV(Brian Moore/Kevin Keegan)full match8
20/06/1998World Cup Group HJapan v Croatia 0-1ITV(??)full match8
21/06/1998World Cup Group FGermany v Yugoslavia 2-2BBC(John Champion/Trevor Brooking)full match8.5full analysis
22/06/1998World Cup Group GEngland v Romania 1-2ITV(Brian Moore/Kevin Keegan)full match9espn classic
23/06/1998World Cup Group ABrazil v Norway 1-2Eurosport(David Smith)full match8.5also espn classic 45'min 8.5
26/06/1998World Cup Group HArgentina v Croatia 1-0Eurosport(David Smith)full match8
26/06/1998World Cup Group GEngland v Colombia 2-0ITV(Clive Tyldesley/Ron Atkinson)full match9espn classic
29/06/1998World Cup 2nd RoundGermany v Mexico 2-1ITV(Clive Tyldesley/Ron Atkinson)full match8
30/06/1998World Cup 2nd RoundEngland v Argentina 2-2 aet penITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match9espn classic
03/07/1998World Cup Quarter FinalBrazil v Denmark 3-2ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match7.5
04/07/1998World Cup Quarter FinalGermany v Croatia 0-3BBC(John Motson)full match8includes analysis
04/07/1998World Cup Quarter FinalNetherlands v Argentina 2-1 aetBBC(Barry Davies/David Pleat)full match8.5audio over HTB broadcast
07/07/1998World Cup Semi-FinalBrazil v Netherlands 1-1 aet penITV(Brian Moore)full match9audio over HTB broadcast
08/07/1998World Cup Semi-FinalFrance v Croatia 2-1ITV(??)45'min8.5espn classic
11/07/1998World Cup 3rd placeNetherlands v Croatia 1-2ITV(Cliver Tyldesley)full match8
12/07/1998World Cup FinalFrance v Brazil 3-0ITV(Brian Moore/Ron Atkinson)full match9audio over Japanese broadcast, also espn classic ITV


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